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Given the right information, people will make decisions that are good for them and for the environment.

I am not an “Inconvenient Truth” zealot when it comes to the environment.  I don’t really buy all the Chicken Little stories about global warming.  .  I think that the earth has always gone through cycles of warming and cooling, and that we just have better capacity to measure it now.   I don’t think we should pass laws mandating CFL bulbs.  I don’t drive a Prius, and find the very idea of them to be a good idea run horribly amok, but they supposedly make people feel good.  (Perhaps someday I’ll share an entry on my feelings here, but let’s just say that Jeremy on Top Gear has it about right in this clip here.).  I don’t believe that people are ‘bad’ or ‘good’ depending on their ‘carbon footprint’.  To me, “Going Green” should not be a religion with all the requisite fanatics, zealots, and high priests.

I also fundamentally believe in the individual freedom of choice, and individual rights and liberties.  I get to decide what is right for me.  My family gets to decide what is right for it.  I believe that the government has no place in making the decisions in my life.  I don’t want the government telling  me who I can or can’t marry, what I can or can’t do in my bedroom, and what car I can or can’t drive.  As long as I am not directly harming others, these choices should be mine.  So – I don’t believe in any laws that tell me what light bulbs I can or can’t use.

So why am I writing a blog about saving energy, cutting emissions, and looking out for our environment?  Well – because it is the right thing to do.  For all the ‘sky is falling’ stories I don’t believe, I am equally as firmly grounded in the truth that the earth is a finite resource, and like all finite resources, it needs to be managed and attended to so that it can last as long a possible before we reach the ‘finite end’.  I believe that there are simple, common sense way that we can approach our environment that will permit us to be good stewards of the earth, leaving it here for future generations – including my kids, grandkids, and all their offspring.

To be good stewards of the earth, we need to be aware of the resources that we use, and how to use them more efficiently and effectively.  Can we (should we?) eliminate all use of non-renewable energy sources?  Or can we find ways to combine non-renewable with renewable sources so that over time we permit the non renewable to last longer, while finding suitably effective and economical replacements for them.

Ultimately I believe that people are free to make their own choices, but that people need good options to make informed choices.  We exercise our choices in three fundamental ways – at the ballot box, and at the cash register, and on the clock.  Time and money are our own limited resources and how we allocate each of them is a personal choice.  We need to be informed voters, and we need to be informed spenders, and we need to spend our time wisely.  People will not make choices that are good for the environment if they are not good for themselves at the cash register or take to much time to make happen.  If they can’t afford it, they won’t buy it.  But if people know there are cost effective ways and time effective ways to help the environment, they will be more likely to make those choices.

My goal here is to provide some useful information to help you make your spending decisions wisely when it comes to managing the finite resource called ‘Earth’.  What products and services are available to enable you to make better spending choices that also help the environment?  How much are you spending, how often, and on what?  Are these the choices that you want to make?  Of have you made them out of default because you didn’t know there was a better, cheaper way?  As we provide information, you can make better choices – and I hope ones that make you a better steward of the planet.

The name of the blog is BlueStew.  It is a portmanteau of Blue Steward.  Earth is the Blue Planet and we need to be good stewards of that planet – so BlueStew.  I hope you enjoy and come back often.