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BlueStew is dedicated to the idea that with the right information, people will make informed decisions that are good for both them and the environment.    We are not here to convince anybody to use CFL bulbs, advocating for wind farms, or making folks feel bad because they don’t drive a Prius.  When doing the right thing makes sense financially and fits into people’s busy life, then they will begin to make the decisions a responsible steward of the environment would make.  Above all, BlewStew is driven by the principle that as environmentally responsible option are economically feasible, people will be more likely to adopt them. BlueStew is brought to you by John.  A lifelong conservative who doesn’t really believe in global warming, John was bringing reusable bags to the grocery store long before it was fashionable.   John understands the importance of taking care of our Blue Planet.  He is dedicated to ensuring that his kids and his kids’ kids can enjoy the same freedoms that he has been blessed with – freedom of choice and freedom from want.  To ensure those freedoms, the planet has to be around and in good enough shape to make that possible.  John believes that the foundation of good choices is a real options and the information about each option that allows thoughtful decisions. John is a veteran of the US Air Force, and has spent over fifteen years in the field of information technology and decision making.   He lives north of Boston Massachusetts with his partner and their blended family. John can be reached at blustu@hotmail.com


Posted November 4, 2010 by bluestew

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