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I just raked leaves — lots of them — and put them in my compost bin.  I have a smallish yard, but with two VERY BIG oak trees.  Where I live, the oaks are the last trees to start losing their leaves.  The neighbor’s maple tree has already left half of its leaves in my yard, but fortunately, most landed in or near the compost bin, so I didn’t have to do much there.  It is the two big, sprawling oaks that leave their fall gifts everywhere (not to be confused with their late summer gifts, the never ending barrage of acorns).

Ah — the compost bin.  One of those so simple anyone could do it and not hardly cost a dime things.  I have a simple, free bin that I set up to one side of my yard in the spring.  It is a double chamber bin, and it is made out of a portable dog kennel that my neighbor (not Mr. Maple) put in the trash.  I recovered it, and used the folding panels as the sides and center of my bin.  This year, we are only filling in the left hand side, and next we will do the right.  I put every bit of scrap that I can from my kitchen in the compost — tea leaves, cucumber skins, apple peels, you name it (no citrus rinds, melon rinds, or meat product of any kind).

So today some of the leaves went in one bin.  Some in the other (to ‘seed’ the new bin for next spring) and the rest went in bags under the porch for next year.  In the spring, I expect to have nutrient rich soil to add to my veggie garden and flower beds.

Inspired?  Read more about how-to here.  There is never a wrong time to start composting, so  you might as well make a use for all those leaves you are raking!


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